Monday, October 12, 2009

count to ten... dont explode!

Why do I let myself get so provoked when people in the middle of Norway, far far away from the world, knows NOTHING about Africa, and has that typical "Africa is a country.., they all live in the bush, everybody is poor and there are wild animals everywhere."
I came over a child and an adult in a conversation. The child claimed there was no food in Africa, no shops and no fridges. The adult said they had SOME food, if not, people wouldnt be living there at all. But confirmed when the child talked about the lack of fridges and shops.

I have to hold my tounge not to offend anyone. But ....!!!!!! Ahh!

Can you guys send me your fanciest pictures from Ghana? I'll make a power point presentation of the broad view of Africa ( in this case Ghana) and show it to everyone who needs some education. (E-mail on my profile. Yes, I'm serious.).

I cant blame them. But I still do.


3 good things about yesterday and today:

1. Had a lovely Sunday morning...
2. My nephew turned one and was cuter than ever.
3. Ate cake and dinner at my sister's place with my parents and husband and nephew and brother in law.

1. Sunshine until 10 minutes before I was about to leave work (It started snowing then.)
2. I went to a shop where I bought a very expensive jacket in March, and which now had a spoiled zipper (and it shouldnt be spoiled after 5 months cos its expensive and should therefore be very durable), and they gave me a new jacket, EVEN if I didnt have a receipt to show WHEN I actually bought it. Good customer service!
3. I came home to a candle light dinner, served by hubby! <3

(The reason I'm so obsessed by the weather in this blog is a) I'm Norwegian and thats what we care about and b) I work in a kindergarten which means (in Norway) spending huge parts of the day outside with the kids, whether rain or shine. And mostly rain...and soon snow).

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Abena Opokua said...

there is a facebook group called they "africa you never see". just search for it. there are also videos on youtube to the same regard... hope this helps..