Saturday, October 10, 2009

name change

If I change the title of my blog, will you who have links to my blog, also get the name automatically changed on your links or you have to manually add my blog with its name? :-S

The title of my blog has always been The English Version of it all, cos I first only had a Norwegian blog (which I still have). But I didnt like the placement the name got on the photo I'm using in the header, so I just put a dash _ as the name of the blog (cos you have to put a title when you edit the settings), and rather used the box for blog description as a place to write the actual title, because I liked it much better where the title was placed. But, I'm tired of my blog showing as _ on people's links. It looks boring and weird and ugly. Nobody wants to read a blog which is called _, right?

So I have changed it, and now the title is smaller and in a different place, and though I'm not too pleased with the placement, it's more important that my blog is called The English version of it all than _.

What I want to say is...If you have a link to my blog, and if the name doesnt change automatically, please edit your link and save it in the new (old) title! Thank you! :-)

Good things today:

1. Woke up late and stayed in bed with my husband a long time before we got up.
2. Went to a shop with my very expensive jacket that got spoiled after a few months use, and the lady in the shop gave me a feeling they might fix it for me/give me a new jacket....*fingers crossed*
3. It's Saturday, the sun is shining, and I'm almost finished cleaning the house...

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