Sunday, October 4, 2009


all my trouble seemed so faaaar away...!

3 good things:

1. I bought new working clothes for the kindergarten (rain coat and warm trousers...)
2. My parents arrived in Levanger!
3. The sun was shining.

4. My nephew was being cutest as always.
5. My parents brought nice Anthon Berg Chocolate from the airplane.

Wow. That was 5 things.

Today me and hubby woke up equally sick, stuffed noses, sore throaths, head aches.
But I still have to find out 3 things ohhh!

1. We are alive.
2. We eat chocolate cake for breakfast, in bed, watching Dr. Phil.
3. Hubby is gonna make nice dinner for my parents and impress them, as usual. :-)

- By the way, it doesnt mean he makes dinner TO impress them, but they GET impressed by his nice food - (hubby corrected me..)

My new rain clothes.. I look like a fisherman! :-)

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Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Interesting little snippets. You see you are posting daily? Your idea is proving to be a winner!