Thursday, October 29, 2009

Man taya

Today we have come to the letter D. So I made an easy choice.

May I present:
(drum roll)

My Daddy!

This picture of my dad is taken on the Norwegian/Russian border close to where I come from. This summer me, Daddy and Hubby went on a road trip to the border, and found beautiful nature, lovely weather, big russian watch towers and big Norwegian watch towers watching each other. Even though I have lived 3 hours away from the border all my life, this was my second (i think) time coming there. And the first time I remember it, cos last time I was there, I was a little kid and I dont remember anything. You can read more about our interesting finds at the border here.

Short info on my Dad:
1. He LOVES taking pictures at ANY time, wrong or right...
2. He comes from the south of Norway, but fell in love with the Northern part (good for me).
3. He thinks the best of every person and never sees bad things in anyone.
4. His birthday is in 27 days and I dont know what to get him!

Good night, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Cool! Loving the pictures btw! More more more

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

From what you say here (and it doesn't seem biased) your father is a wonderful man, Yngvild.

Myne Whitman said...

Your dad seems like a great guy. He already has a camera I would have said get him one. Happy birthday in advance to him.

Yngvild said...

Haha, Myne, I think my dad was born with a camera around his neck!

Thanks Nana Yaw and Anon!