Monday, October 19, 2009

M for Monday

Very sorry about my negativity yesterday. I'm just NOT a fan of Sundays. I really want to learn to love'em. Anybody who can teach me how to make Sunday a lovely day off rather than the day before a new, long work week? What do you do on Sundays to make them nice, fun, enjoyable?

I'm not on top of the world today either. It started with my alarm NOT going off in the morning so I woke up late and had to rush like a maniac to get to work. I got to work, started feeling sick and went home from work. I have anyway washed the floor, cleaned dishes and baked bread, AND done some stomach exercises, but I still dont feel happy with myself. I think I should eat some chocolate, but it's not allowed so... At least the internet is back after being erratic the whole day. Gosh, I hope I used that word right!

I'm gonna dig out some good things about today:


Wow. Blank.

I'll try one more time.

1. Washed floors.
2. Baked bread.
3. Watched a lot of TV I dont usually watch cos I'm at work.

It's an attempt!

Song that is making me happy nowadays:

Very talented young teenagers from a village not far from my hometown, who are really doing well. They sing in Norwegian mostly, but the song is about Edwin who wants to be a girl. I dig them!
(And they KNOW BlackSheeps is grammatically wrong, they did it on purpose..)

Wish all of you a GREAT week! :-)


Anonymous said...

On Sundays- I go to the 2nd service so I back home by 10:15pm and I just stay in bed ALL.DAY.

Makes my Mondays feel so much better!

Laura said...

wow the band is great! they look sooo young.

Ich work on Saturdays, Sundays and on Mondays. Now it's Tuesday and I am sick and at home. But working on weekends messes with the whole structure. So my hatred of Sundays is gone. hm. I just noticed that this is hard to explain in a comment box. But trust me there is an entire school of thought behind this.