Monday, October 5, 2009

marvellous monday

Especially the mondays I start 6.30 at work. Luckily I'm one of those people who dont have big trouble with getting up in the morning, so I really enjoy the days I have the early shift at work. Having the early shift means that you come first to the kindergarten, you turn on the lights, fix everything ready for the kids, make coffee, bake bread, fold towels and bibs and stuff, prepare things for the day - and all that you get time to do before the kids arrive, usually the first one shows up around 7.15-7.30. It sounds like plenty work, but it isnt really. The bread making is just putting all the ingredients intoa kitchen machine. It mixes everything together without mess, and when it has grown enough (whats the word for that in English??), you just put it in bread pans (??) and into the oven = bread for all the kids and employees for lunch! Mmm. Today I made 8 breads. :-)
Having the early shift also means that big parts of your day (the morning), is quiet and calm and there are few kids. And the best part - you go home at 2pm! What a joy.

Unfortunately, I only get to enjoy this shift once every forthnight. And man, do I enjoy it?

After work, I went with my mother (who is visiting) to the mall, to buy birthday gift for her grandson, and I got alot of errands done, and even bought a couple of x-mas gifts! Yippiee, I'm so efficient! My mom sent me to the grocery store and paid for my groceries (double-yippiee)!

So good things today:

1. Early shift at work!
2. Shopping, free food, and dinner with my mommy.
3. I laughed from watching Russel Peters videos on Youtube.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Seems you had a good day. This is the first time I've ever heard of a teacher having to bake bread for her students. I hope those kids enjoy the fresh bread!

Oh and waiting for the bread to "grow" is to have the dough rise.

Yngvild said...

Thanks! :-) I just write my norwegian english as best I can! Who are you, secret reader? :)
We bake bread every morning. Cheaper and healthier!