Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I just browse through my photos looking for one with the letter C, and I take the first I find. It's all very random, but every photo MUST have a story, right?

So here are some lovely Cowfeet. My mother-in-law brought them home one day and asked Hubby to chop them up for her. Out came the machete but to no avail. Hard cowfeet those...

I've never tried eating them. They were rediculously huge! But I'm sure very tasty, if my MIL cooked them.


1. As usual, morning gym = good start of the day.
2. Breakfast with a friend, very nice!
3. One of my long overdue diaper boys decided today was the day he would go to the toilet, rather than "doing it" in his diaper! Hallelujah! Let's hope it lasts.

Since I've already done todays workout, I'm gonna relax the rest of the evening. The thing with the morning gym class though, is that I'm sleepy now. So I'm pouring coffee down my throat, hoping that some washing or bread baking energy will awake in me soon!


Myne Whitman said...

Wow, I've never seen Cowfoot like that, they're usually already chopped up. And yeah they taste good too when I cook them.

Ellen said...

I like the picture-thing you started! And you are right every picture does have a story to it, it's just the length of the story that's different =D

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

You this ABC idea is brilliant? I'm always guessing what will come with the next letter.

Laura said...

I ate them once but not in Ghana. When I was working for two Egyptian guys in a restaurant in Potsdam they prepared this big Egyptian feast for the employees (I was the only German there) during ramadan. The cowfeet didn't exactly taste bad. But it wasn't the finest either. It was like eating pure fat, basically. But I guess they prepare it different in Ghana.

Yngvild said...

Thanks guys!

@Myne: What do you make with it? Stew? Soup?

@Ellen: Yeah, the cowfeet story must be one of the shortest.... ;) I also like the picture thing!

@Nana Yaw: Thanks, but WHAT am I gonna start when I have gotten to Z? ;) Thanks for nominating me for President by the way...:)

@Laura: You owe me an email and a sign of life, GIRL!