Wednesday, October 7, 2009


3 things today

tired tired tired tired tired

How come I'm always most tired on Wedenesdays? Last week Wedenesday I slept two hours after work. It should be Mondays, or Fridays. But with me it's Wedenesdays that are my tired days. Yawn.

But even if I'm tired, good things have made me tired!

1. 6.45 spinning class at the gym this morning. Hard to get up, but SO worth it afterwards.
2. Was taken well care of in the hospital the kids created in the kindergarten, and one of the small boys didnt wanna go home with his mother cos "he had to take care of Yngvild cos she is sick". :-)
3. My parents and my nephew passed by after work, leaving a box of ice cream in our fridge.

Good night....

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