Saturday, October 24, 2009

Relapse alert!

Wooops! I went against my vow to post something everyday... 2 days of radio silence isnt good koraa.
But I'm back.

I didnt go on the trip as planned, so I ended up with relaxing.

1. Hubby's friends came over Friday night. Hadn't met them before properly. One spaniard, one Afghani and one Thai. One Ghanaian and One Norwegian. Exotic and interesting. Some are in Norway cos of love, some are asylum seekers with a complete different story. And all this gathered under one tiny roof in Levanger.

2. Finally got us proper winter shoes - now the snow can just come. But I'd rather it waits until Christmas.

3. Spent some hours with adorable cutie pie nephew, who now knows to say "baaah" to sheep, and "moooo" to cows (he should though, growing up on a farm and all), and gives me a cuddle when I ask for one (most of the time...). Now I'm cooking experimental food, hoping Hubby will like it, I know he is SuperHungry and is therefore looking cranky! :-)

Bad things:

1. I was supposed to see a movie this week with my friend, but because I'm obviously a moron, when we arrived at the cinema it was closed and I must have imagined I saw the movie on the programme.
2. I SHOULD right now be at a party a friend is having and she is nagging for me to come, but I'm not going because I'm BORING!
3. I should have visited my friend today, and I didnt, I went around with my BigSis and nephew and Hubby....

Sorry to you guys for being BORING!

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Anonymous said...

Boring isnt always a bad thing you know?!