Sunday, October 18, 2009


Thanks, guys, for all your comments the last couple of days. Of course, my strategy of begging for comments worked, and people I dont even know has commented on my blog. So nice! I mean, isnt that part of what blogging is about? Exhibitionism? Knowing people you dont even know is interested in the mundane things you experience (unless you have a blog with a specific topic that IS interesting)?

the comments made me happy. Now its my turn to start commenting also. I'm lazy doing that. What double standards I have.

Good things today then.
1. Got up early on a crisp, sunny autumn morning cos we had a baby delivered at our doorstep early, and he made us smile the whole time we were watching him.

2. Had an 11-hour creative day with a friend, where she made lots of different stuff, and I made Christmas cards (Yes, it's early but I need many cos I plan on selling some.)!

3. Ate one of my favorite dishes, fried chicken breast with onions and mushrooms fried with mushroom sauce, rice and broccoli. Yum!

Now I'm back in my little house, watching L.A. Ink, trying to focus on that tomorrow is NOT the last day of the weekend, or the day before WORK, but rather a lovely day off. Expecting a visit from a friend who will be served Hubby's groundnut soup and fufu!

My little sweetheart


Our creative day in full swing!


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Femme Lounge said...

lol! have a great week.