Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Schmalloween, clogged toilet and other stories

Of course, I cant put any other picture here when we have come to the letter G. It has to be my lovely, beautiful nephew Gaute.

Here he was a small baby, about 2 months old, being strangled by his auntie. Poor thing.

He is not the same right now, though. Big, strong with sharp claws (nails), and just turned 1.

He is my little bundle of joy. Before I finally decide to get my own... When when when?

I would write more, but I'm tired. Thinking I was gonna spend a relaxing Saturday evening with my not so successful homemade pizza and a good movie, we realized our toilet was clogged. And seriously clogged. You know those toilet fresheners..thingies..that hang on the toilet ring, and has a little soapy thing inside and when you flush, some soapy thing runs out? Makes your toilet smell nice. Well, this morning when I was cleaning the toilet, I flushed while using the toilet brush to clean, and the thingy jumped off the toilet and disappeared down the drain. Of course it had to get stuck somewhere down the pipe. And now it is. We (hubby) tried all kinds of things down the toilet; wire, hose, bike tire... Hubby had shit up his arms, while I was googling clogged toilet. In the end, my (Googles) solution seemed to work, trying to create a vacuum with the toilet brush and pouring down bucket loads of water and some clorine. I was very happy with myself, thinking it had worked, and it HAS. Somehow. But its not perfect yet. So...

I'm ending my evening with watching Simpsons Halloween Special. Halloween has appearently been adopted by Norwegian kids now, when I was young nobody talked about Halloween here. But now they tell me kids walk from door to door begging for candy. Yuck. I have a doorbell that can be switched on and off. It's off tonight. I'm sure it's a great tradition in the U.S, but I dont see why we have to adopt it? It's just fake. Let us Norwegian stick to OUR tradition of dressing up during Christmas, sing carols on people's doorsteps and deserve our candy!

Good nighT!

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